Paint combo

Product development project as part of a six week internship on Oceanpower in Shenzhen, China. We developed the exterior design for a combined paint dispenser and paint mixer. The project was very rewarding as working conditions in China differ quite a bit from the western world. The result of the project was two concepts, one for the Chinese market and one for a future attempt at the European market.

paint combo paint combo paint combo paint combo

Project to improve the usability of an IPTV PPV system. The project included user interviews, user tests in many iterations to improve the users experiance with the system. We worked alot with semantics and symbols in the system to minimize the use of explanatory text and as an effect of that minimize the cognitive loads on the end user.

Engine bed

Engine bed that enabled the engines to be removed from the boat for quick and easy service. The project was aimed at specific military coast guard boat. We developed a frame structure complete with fittings and geometric constraints. The challenge was to make removing the engines as easy as possible but still make a rigid enough construction so that it could stand the rough conditions at sea.

Engine bed with mounted engines Engine bed in boat Engine bed locking mechanism Engine bed on cradle
Dance floor

Outdoor dance floor for swedish parks. The dance floor was part of a project called “Accessibility in outdoor spaces” and the initiative came from “exploateringskontoret” in Stockholm. The goal was to develop a dance floor that can be placed temporarily in any park and minimizing any damages to the surroundings once removed. This was achieved by a modular wood structure separating the floor in smaller blocks.

Dance floor construction Dance floor model Dance floor framework Dance floor sections Dance floor section Dance floor with person
Fuel System

Fuel system for a military coast guard boat. We took extra care to follow all the guidelines and rules of the “Swedish Maritime Administration”. The system was designed to work under the extreme conditions aboard a high-speed boat at sea. As a safety precaution the fuel system was divided in to two independent lines which can be run separately or linked together to make sure both engines have consistent supply of fuel.

Fuel system assembly Oil filter rig Fuel system placement in boat Fuel system in boat side view Tank interior design

Visual proof-of-concept model of a mobile paint dispenser. The product is intended to be used on location by interior designers an paint professionals. I developed a concept of a scaled down machine and a runnable mockup of the software interface.

Tinty front view Tinty inside view Tinty transportation Tinty software mockup

An alarm clock designed from the word "simple". The most accessible feature on an alarm clock should be the snooze button, therefore my alarm clock is a snooze button. The entire upper part of the clock is the button and the less used controls are located on the back and the entire front shows the current time.

WakeMe front and back WakeMe sketch front WakeMe sketch back WakeMe model